Subin Shrestha

Project Manager

Thomas Slagle

Mechanical Lead

"My beard is red but my hair isn't."

Kelly Lue

Electrical Co-Lead

"I can flick a frisbee better than I can throw a backhand."

Albert Lorenzana

Electrical Co-Lead

"A biomedical engineering student interested in mechatronics, MEMS, sustainable energy, and machine learning. Enjoys playing guitar on his free time :)"

Nathan Trudeau

Telemetry Team

Benjamin Lam

Battery Lead

Rahul Patel

Suspension Lead

"I’ve never eaten a frozen pizza."

Andrew Brown

Solar Array Lead

Brandon Chan

Aerodynamics Lead

"Water is in fact wet. Change my mind."

Jessica Li

Chassis Lead

Christian Mast

Motor Lead

"Catch me playing and watching soccer in my free time!"

Aaron Villanueva

Human Interface Lead

"I can improvise a jazz solo on the trumpet."


Jigar Hira

Battery Team

Henry Gip

Telemetry Team

Andres Cervantes

Low-Voltage Team

Alexis Infante

Solar Team

April Soares

Motor Team

Amanda Tan

Solar/High Voltage Team


Matthew Stewart

Suspension Team

Jason Lin

Suspension Team

Kevin Dang

Human Interface Team

Nicole Alvarez

Aerodynamics Team

"Volunteered in Marine Mammal Care Center for 7 months where I got to work with seals!"

Edwin Christhuraj

Aerodynamics Team

Marissa Lee

Chassis Team

Asem Alkhatib

Chassis Team


Colette Nguyen

Operations Team

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