Mechanical Team

The Mechanical team is composed of four subteams: Chassis, Aerodynamics, Suspension, and Human Interface. Together, the mechanical team designs, simulates, and manufactures the moving parts of the car, being sure to ensure design integration.


The Chassis team in charge of the design of the main structural component of the vehicle. The chassis must be capable of withstanding 5g loads from all directions in order to keep the driver safe. In addition to remaining lightweight and aerodynamic, it must also provide space for all components necessary for the car.


The Aerodynamics team is responsible for the design of the aerodynamic shell of the car and the ventilation systems that cool the driver and battery. The subteam utilizes CAD and CFD to optimize the car's drag to be as low as possible so that less energy is needed to keep the car rolling. Additionally, the shell must provide sufficient driver visibility, enough solar panel area, and conform to maximum dimensions in the rulebook.


The Suspension team is tasked with providing the driver with proper contact, comfort, and control while driving. One of the most popular choices for solar car teams is the double wishbone suspension system. The system must be Capable of withstanding a 2g bump, 1g brake, and 1g turn loading conditions Since the car mostly encounter highway driving, the suspension is designed to be fairly stiff.

Human Interface

The human interface subteam considers how the driver interacts with the car. They are responsible for the design of the dashboard mounts, steering wheel design, and braking information. They take into account driver ergonomics and performance into their design. As well, the subteam has to ensure the brake rotors can hold up to braking at speed.

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