Electrical Team

The Electrical team is divided into four subteams: Battery, Motor, Telemetry, and Solar. The teams work closely together to design and test the electrical system which will harness sun energy to power the car.


The Battery team is responsible for the design of the vehicle's energy storage system. For this vehicle iteration, the vehicle will have a 5 kW battery composed of 416 Li ion 18650 cells. Each cell will be connected using state of the art wire bonding technology provided to us by our sponsor, Hesse Mechatronics. By working alongside the solar array, the battery pack will help the vehicle generate power for the car's operation.


Tying it all together is the Motor team. Responsible for the design of the powertrain, the Motor team ensures that every bit of energy coming from the battery and solar array is put to good use. By all means this is a rewarding task, as it means that the vehicle is prepped for its long journey.


The Telemetry team is responsible for designing the vehicle's embedded systems. Like the nervous system on a human body, the vehicle's embedded systems will notify the crew and driver of any issue that may arise during operation. Furthermore, the embedded systems will provide real time data to monitor for any arising issues. This data will also be used to prevent issues in future iterations of the vehicle.


Lying at the heart of it all is the Solar team. Their job is to design and manufacture the vehicle's main source of energy: the solar array. Under optimal conditions, the solar array will drive the vehicle's motors with roughly 900 Watts. That's about as much power as that used by hair dryer! Making sure that the vehicle has the energy it needs is not an easy task, but our solar team has taken on this challenge anyways!

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