Big News and Updates!

February 19, 2020

Hello everyone, welcome back to the Solar Car blog! It’s been a while, but we have lots of updates for this school year. The Solar Car team is still going strong, and from now on, blog posts will be posted every other week. We’ll be discussing some of our upcoming major events, so read on!

On February 1, the FSAE Racecar team at UCI generously donated their old blue chassis that the 2010 team built, it is nicknamed the Delta Chassis. This is a big step in the right direction for us, as it has allowed us to save time and money rather than having to fabricate a chassis ourselves. The dimensions of this chassis align well with our current CAD model as well. In the next few weeks, we’ll be cleaning it up and creating a specific CAD model for it. Look forward to seeing our chassis in the making on our social media! Follow us on Instagram @uci_soleaters and our blog for more updates!

Here are some photos of the chassis, along with our team members deconstructing it the day of.

Another exciting announcement is the CAD visualization company, Vusar, which was recently started at the UCI Paul Merage School of Business, has partnered with our team! A couple of our team members have been assisting Vusar with product development for their application. The tools on the Vusar app have been helping us visualize our CAD models and jumpstart the system’s integration process in 3D!

Vusar has been a great help to us; If you’d like an app that can help you in visualizing your designs in real life, please feel free to check them out at their website!

That’ll be all for this week! We’ll be updating the blog biweekly so stay posted. Don’t forget to check out our Instagram for member spotlights, which are posted every Thursday, and follow our blog for more updates!

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