Weekly Update

April 18, 2017

We are starting off strong with our first ever UCI Solar Car Team! We have completed our first week of meetings for the new quarter! We’ve gotten a lot done so far. We had our first interview for the SDP Fund from Boeing to see how much funding we can get. As we design and build from scratch, join us on our awesome journey from start to finish!!!!! :~)

Mechanical Team (Aero, Suspension, Chassis) The Mechanical Team is looking to finish the entire solar car design on SolidWorks by the end of April. In order to do this, the suspension team still needs to finish modeling brakes and steering to assembly with the chassis. The aero team also needs to complete the design of the basic body and lower body of the solar car. The Chassis team have a rough model ready. They modeled the dimensions of the chassis around a mock dummy. They plan to stress test and revise the framework according to the driver’s dimensions, after a driver is chosen. They are trying to decide on a driver, who is hopefully in the 5’2” - 5’8” range. The Suspension team has almost finished the assembly of the suspension and chassis. They’re working on steering, modeling brakes, and enhancing the dimensions for all the parts to be assembled together. The Aero team still needs to research how to create the mold for the shape of the car. So far, Aero has the basic body and canopy of the car after much research on the different shapes and fasteners.

Composition Team

The composition team is currently looking into different types of materials to create the body and chassis of our solar car from. Our team plans to use 6061 Aluminum tubing for the chassis of the solar car for its light weight and as for the body we are choosing carbon fiber epoxy.

Electrical Team

Our electrical team is hard at work planning out the circuit design and how to wire all parts of the car properly. Their main focus as of now is connecting the main solar panels, battery, and motor together and is currently looking at tools to accomplish such a complex task.

The aero team created the general body of the solar car.

The chassis team created the framework of the solar car using a space-frame chassis.

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