Special Guest

October 26, 2018

Welcome to our 2nd Solar Car Update!

Good afternoon everyone!

Welcome to our 2nd Solar Car Update!

This week we brought in a very special guest, Selene Lawrence! She is our representative from Sullivan Solar Power, who is the 5th largest solar power company in California. Our entire meeting was dedicated to Selene, who talked about her company and introduced some eye-opening facts about solar. Did you know that in one hour, the sun casts enough energy on the Earth’s surface to provide the entire world with power for one year? Wow!

She helped our team become more aware of the economic, environmental, and even social benefits of going solar, such as participating in Community Choice Energy. We were very excited to have her here to talk about how driven her company is to helping our community prioritize the environment and energy efficiency. Although only 1.5% of our electricity is generated from solar, a whopping 46% of America’s solar is in California. California is definitely the place to be to push for more renewables worldwide.

We hope to see her soon. But maybe next time, we’ll be on-site looking at the solar installations of UCI’s new Middle Earth Towers.

Special thanks to Sullivan Solar Power for having Selene come in and providing the bigger picture of how solar fits into a sustainable future.

Thanks to our sponsors (MSC Software, Altair, Airwolf 3D, Green Initiative, Battery Systems of Anaheim, Sullivan Solar Power, and UROP)

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