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October 18, 2018

Welcome to a fresh, new, and revitalized year for solar car. We are officially going to be doing a weekly blog with some extra blogs on special stuff happening in solar car. We have also changed our goals and are now shooting for FSGP/ASC 2020. Since we recently just had our first meeting I will go over what each of the teams are doing and the goals they have for the quarter.

The mechanical team which is comprised of the suspension, composition, brakes, and manufacturing sub-team. The suspension team is all set and ready to start manufacturing, especially since they finalized all the steering designs with the brakes team. Going over to our composition squad, they have researched different layup methods and want to design the shell attachment for the car by the end of this quarter. The brakes teams goals include having a fully functioning brake system and then working on the fittings after the chassis and brake mount are completed. The manufacturing team is working on the roll cage and finishing the frame up (welding some of the edges), while manufacturing suspension components. All in all the mechanical team has a lot of work cut out for them, but let’s cheer them on!

The electrical team comprised of the telemetry, solar, motor, and battery sub-teams. The telemetry team is doing a lot working on building the code base and a schematic for the system. While also installing components into the modular box and making sure the BMS and MPPT systems properly communicate. Our solar team checked their array design to ASC 2018 race cars and they are set to go on that side, and now their quarter goal consists of fixing the power supply. Our motor team doesn’t have their motor to work on yet, so they are just modifying the cruise control design and creating a template for our teams race plan. To end the electrical portion of this blog is the battery sub-team. They want to figure out the practicalities of the battery box and their quarter goal includes testing the BMS and building the enclosure.

That’s all that happened this week, leading up to an exciting quarter for the solar car team. Stay tuned in for next week’s blog!

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