Composition Team

June 02, 2018

It has been a while since we last updated on progress. We have been hard at work. Tune in to see what our Composition team, lead by Bilal Said, has been working on.


Working very hard to get the Solar Car done and ready, the Composition team has done a lot this entire quarter. The team’s goals included creating a quarter-scale model of the full body to ensure strength and attachment points of our design were manufacturable. The team ended up getting the quarter size mold to the lab as we reached midway through the quarter. We decided to go with a fiberglass goam sandwich layer to create a strong fiberglass shell. They are currently finished with the first layer of fiberglass layup for the quarter sized mold and is now starting the solar cell encapsulation process (using EVA film). As the quarter comes to a finish, the team is scotch welding 420 adhesive for attachment points between chassis to shell and finishing the fiberglass lay ups of the top and bottom shells. The composition team has been hard at work to really get the racecar made and ready for testing. Great job from the composition team and below are photos of their work!

The composition team applying fiberglass on the mold for the racecar.


Finished product of the fiberglass foam sandwich outer shell of the racecar.

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