Chassis Team

June 18, 2018

Our Chassis team has been working hard and long to build a jig and ensure the chassis is ready by the end of this quarter. Don’t wait up since the blog for the Electrical team is coming out soon enough!


The Chassis team has been hard at work from the get go. Starting by organizing all the tubing and practicing welding from the start of the quarter, they planned on welding the chassis in 2-3 planes (bottom, top, and top/bottom support for the sides). The team did a lot of welding practice since they would only get one try with no room for mistakes. Midway through the quarter, the team completed about 60% of the welding jig, which is primarily made of plywood and screws.

Six weeks into the quarter, welding officially began. The bottom of the chassis was tack welded together to ensure squareness. After tacking everything together, the whole bottom chassis was ready to be welded. After completion of the bottom chassis, the jig was transferred to the top portion of the chassis, where the tacking process began again.

As the quarter comes to a conclusion, the team has accomplished welding the entire base chassis. All that’s left is the roll cage, belly pan, and crush zone, which will continue in the summer. The Chassis team had very successful quarter and big thanks for everything they have done for the team!

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