Building the Frame

June 06, 2017

The first official quarter of the UCI Solar Car Team has ended. All teams have been hard at work this quarter and accomplished a lot in this quarter. We will continue to work hard on our car through the summer. :-)


As for the Mechanical team, the Chassis team built their mock chassis by connecting PVC pipes in order to better visualize the dimensions of the chassis. After visualizing the mock chassis, they decided to reduce the ride height, decrease the length, and taper the front to keep within the regulations and reduce the weight of the chassis. They have done a lot of stress testing with the new chassis. In the summer, they will build the actual chassis.

Currently, the Suspension team has been updated the control arms to CNC-style instead of the previous of the turnbuckle. They aim to finish calculations on the necessary shock requirements based on the chassis. The aero team has different canopy shapes and are currently testing each drag and lift and are trying to optimize them.

In addition, the Aero team has created a new model for the body of the car around the new chassis.

The Composition team is looking to meet with a representative from Scaled for expertise and advise on composite layups. The goal is to finish a small scale mockup to test conditions.


The Electrical Team has completed their solar array and is beginning to test their entire electrical system. They finalized and purchased the batteries for the car. They have also built the entire frame for the solar array and assembled the components. The assembly includes connecting the solar array to the charge controller to the battery pack to the inverter to the motors.

The chassis team built a mock chassis using PVC pipes.

Stress testing the updated chassis.

One of aero team's canopy designs to be tested for drag and lift.


The Electrical Team has completed their test solar array.

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